Mission & Vision Statement

Mission: To foster trust and promote public confidence in the accounting profession, and increase the credibility of financial reports, improve governance standards, and oversee the quality of audit and assurance engagements.

Vision: To champion and excel as a regulator over audit and assurance engagements financial reporting and Corporate Governance practices In the Country.

Our Values: We hold true above all else principles of professionalism, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Transparency breeds trust. We're here to shed light on financial matters and promote accountability.

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Section 49 FR Act, 2013. Functions and Authority of the Board

The functions of the Board are to -
  • (a) supervise the activities of the auditing profession;
  • (b) ensure that the activities undertaken by the Institute are conducted in accordance with the standards and other requirements set by IFAC and its various organs;
  • (c) oversee the functioning of the quality assurance review system which may be established to ensure the good quality of audit and assurance services provided by practicing auditors, member firms of the Institute and public auditors;
  • (d) monitor compliance and enforce the corporate governance standards for public interest entities issued by the Standards Committee; and
  • (e) monitor compliance of public interest entities with the provisions of this Act.

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