FROB's primary purpose is to foster trust and promote public confidence in the accounting profession, overseeing the quality of audit and assurance engagements, and improving governance standards in The Gambia.
  • FROB conducts regular reviews and assessments of financial reports to ensure they adhere to the highest ethical and auditing standards, enhancing accountability to stakeholders.
No, all our oversight reports and findings are available to the public at no cost. We believe in transparency and accessibility of financial oversight information.
  • FROB encourages individuals to report potential auditing misconduct or ethical violations through our designated reporting channels.
  • Yes, in addition to local oversight, FROB ensures that activities align with international accounting standards and requirements, contributing to a consistent global benchmark for excellence.
  • You can follow us on social media to receive updates on our oversight activities, reports, and events.
  • Yes, we value public input and accept comments on our reports and recommendations. Your feedback helps us improve financial oversight.

FROB maintains strict impartiality, adheres to ethical guidelines, and ensures transparency in its oversight activities, upholding the highest standards of integrity.