Stakeholder Engagement FROB Radio Show Presentation

The Gambia Financial Reporting Oversight Board embarked on a public relations

(PR) visibility campaign about the FROB’s mandate, vision, and core values. The

campaign took the format of a radio talk show and highlights the need for FROB

in the country as an effective oversight body over Public Interest Entities (PIEs),

PIE Auditors and Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (GICA).

The Program begun by giving a background to the establishment of FROB by the

Financial Reporting Act 2013 and its recent appointment of the management

team in mid-2022.

The radio show discussion was hosted by the famous Mr Peter Gomez Coffee

time radio show and Presented by Mr Modou L Camara, Head, Technical

Department FROB and supported by his assistant Mr Mustapha Gai.

Listen to the full Radio Program

The presentation then focused on the benefits of regulatory oversight on the

Stock Market and providers of capital, how the FROB work provides assurances

to the market participants and ultimately in the protection of the Public Interest.

This was followed by addressing the potential expectation gap between what the

FROB does as mandated by the FR Act 2013 compared to what the Standards

Committee is mandated to carry out.

The Presenter then introduced new revelations in 2023 pursuant to section 2 (e)

of the FR Act 2013 which has a resultant effect of increasing the PIE number

base and satisfying a key provision of the Act.

This was concluded by the presenter introducing current developments in the PIE

regulatory space affecting PIEs, PIE auditors and professionals involved in the

financial reporting process.